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1. Our #1 metric is client results. It's all we track and you can see some of them below... 
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Ken Applied the System and Already Has 5 Listings, 2 Closed Contracts and DOZENS of Leads In His Pipeline!
Regla took action with our system and quickly got her first CLOSING plus 80 leads in her pipeline...inside of 2 months.
Joshua Received A Cash Buyer Contract When He Launched His Ads. That's A Record!
Below Is The Beginning of What Would Come To Be 8 Contracts in 6 Weeks From $177 In Facebook Ads!
Jeff Got 150 Leads In 30 Days and A 270K House Under Contract To Top It Off!
6 Leads and a NEW Client In 5 Days!
50 Leads and 4 Clients In The First 30 Days
Joe got 113 Leads @ $2.29 each...put them in our solid follow up campaign and now has deals in the pipeline!
Book Your Breakthrough Session Below and Learn How To Use Facebook To Outsell Any Traditional Method of Marketing You've Been Told About
Book Your Breakthrough Call Below So You Can Get Qualified Leads With Facebook
What is Agent Leads?
- We are NOT just another "vendor" like Zillow or Trulia looking to sell you recycled leads.

- We are NOT about pushing outdated methods like door knocking, cold calling or shaking hands at network meetings to grow your business.

- We are NOT going to tell you that you have to find the perfect technology, CRM or magical digital gizmo that will solve all of your follow up and lead generation problems.
Agent Leads is A SHORTCUT.
A lack of leads and commissions are symptoms of a much greater problem that’s a
little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news). 
On your Breakthrough Call you will discover the actual blueprint we created after working with thousands of real estate agents from every corner of the United States. You will now have access to all of the processes, marketing funnels and scripts that we used to catapult the businesses of thousands of agents using online marketing.  
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