Facebook Real Estate Ads Case Studies
How Greg Got 93 Real Estate Leads and 8 Contracts In One Month of FB Ads w/ Agent Leads University
Discover How Mike Earned $7,100 In Commissions on $247 of Facebook Ad Spend Using Agent Leads University Training
ALU Customer Spotlight: 100 Leads Per Month on $15 Per Day with Facebook and ALU 
Mylee Closed 6 Deals In First 3 Months with Agent Leads University 
Meghan Got One Listing AND A Purchase Plus 12 More Leads With $70 of Facebook Ads
Dave Received Over 56 Leads Since Joining Agent Leads University!

Tyler Received Over 200 Leads With Agent Leads University!
Tiffany Has Over 130 Exclusive Contacts Since Joining Agent Leads University!

Evan Got 57 Leads In Less Than A Month, 6 Times Cheaper Than Zillow In His Farm Market
Kirk Received Over 50 Leads In The First Week!

How Jamie Gets Listings, Investors and Buyer Contracts Using ALU Facebook Ad Strategies 

Bronx Realtor Books 24 Leads and 8 Clients In First Month of ALU

Jacob Spent 2K on Facebook Ads and Produced 12 Closings!!
ALU Student Spotlight: Joe Said "No" To Zillow and Took Control of His Own Destiny with ALU 
Real Estate Team Generates 1000+ Leads In 3 Months Our Facebook Ad System! 

Juan Only 1.5 Months In And Already Seeing Amazing Results!

Crazy Results Within A Few Hours!

Joshua Already Seeing Results Within A Few Hours!

Cathy is Setting Amazing Goals!

Jeff & Lori Williams Have Closed More Deals!!

Connie is in Disbelief of the Lead Assistant Program!

Shelby Processed Two Hot Leads For an Agent!!

Joanne Loves Her Leads!!

Dan is Picking Up Leads With the Seller Campaign After Getting 190 Leads With His Select Inventory Campaign!! 

Liam is No Longer Wasting Money on Ads That Do Not Work!

Nick Woke Up to New Leads!

Ronnie Already Set An Appointment From His First Lead!

Danny Had 28 Workable Leads in One Month!!


Julie Got 11 Leads Within 24 Hours!

Erin Has 38 Leads and is Closing Next Month!

Breanna Has 45 Leads in Just 1 Week! She Quit Her Day Job!!

Jennifer Had a Closing and is Getting More Referrals!!

Paul Received 7 Leads in His First 24 Hours!

Joe Got 16 Leads Within His First 4 Days!

Tina Received 25 Leads Within a Week and is Communicating With Over Half of Them!!

Kevin Got 81 Leads in Just Over 2 Weeks With ALU and is Raving About the System!

ALU Helped Shaheen Get Her First Contract as a New Agent!

Regla Says She Has Received Over 80 Leads And The ALU System Has Paid For Itself And More!

Joshua Had a Cash Contract On The First Day!

Peter's First Lead from Agent Leads Signed Contracts  In Just over 1 Month!

Cathy Received 5 Leads In Less Than 24 Hours!

Mark Confirms That Follow Up Matters After Getting First Lead!

Lisa Got Over 50 Leads In 1 Month!

Chad Received 2 Leads In Less Than A Day!

This System Really Does Work!

Rudy Got 17 Leads Week 1!

Annemarie 10 Quality Leads In 5 Days!

MyLee Closed 4 Deals In 1.5 Months

Steve Got 30 Leads Just Spending $10 Per Day

Joe got 113 Leads @ $2.29 each...put them in our solid follow up campaign and now has deals in the pipeline!
Teresa just launched and has 12 leads and 3 appointments set!
Keith got 8 leads the first day he turned on his ads!
Chuck Got 37 Leads In His First Week On A $10 A Day Budget!!
Hope Crushing It Only A Few Days Into The System!
Michael CRUSHING It After Just A Week!
ALU Automation Strategies Beat Cold Calling Any Day!
Love getting these texts from our students!!
Jamie received 18 leads and 5 face to face appointments in 3.5 days!!
Then, this...
Meghan received 12 leads and a multi-sided transaction in the first week of running ads in her market!!
Talk about results. This ALU customer used our Facebook Ad System to generate TONS of business in a few days from PEOPLE SHE DIDN'T KNOW, OUTSIDE of her referral network
Christy Applied The Steps and Gets A Contract With Our Facebook/Email Follow Up System...
Jamie Generated 100 New Leads and 2 New Buyers In 3 Weeks!
Just A Few Days In and Brett Is Getting Leads and Appointments
Then A Few Hours Later...

Sharon Already Under Contract With A Lead Nurtured By Lead Assistant!

Don Is Impressed With The Number Of Leads Only 24 Hours In!

Cathryn Receiving Email Addresses From Real Leads Immediately After Turning Her Ad On!

Nicole Has QUALITY Leads Pouring In During Her First Week Of Running Ads!

Shelby Sending A Hot Lead To Julie First Thing In The Morning!

Cheryl Started Receiving Leads in the First Few Hours!!

Morgan Processed a Hot Lead!!

Paula Had Four Leads Within 30 Minutes!!!

Misti Has 30 Leads in Less Than a Month!!

Angie is Excited!!!

Brian Went From a Sceptic to a Believer in ALU and Had His First Closing!!!

Lisa Got Her First Closing!!

Breanna is Working With 7 Buyers in Only Her 2nd Week With ALU!!

Charles Praises Agent Leads After Working With Other Lead Generation Companies in the Past!

Dan Has Gotten 65 Leads From His Ads in 1 Month!

Lisa Has Converted 8 Leads Already!! 

Danny Got 12 Leads in Just 8 Days!!

Erin Got 16 Leads Within Her First Week and Already Has 1 Converted!

Ken Has 5 Listings and 2 Closed Contracts With ALU!

Jennifer Had 5 Leads in Her First Day of Starting!

Sarah Says Agent Leads is Awesome and Easy!

Joe Wrote An Offer and Got Another Listing Agreement Signed From ALU Campaign! 

Shannon Had Her First 2 Leads Within 
Several Hours!

Natalie Made Contact With A Lead In The First Day Of Launching Ad!

Chris Hart Has More Than Covered His Investment!

Gina Received 15 Leads In 4 Days!

Mary Elizabeth Received 1st Lead Within 2 Hours!

Joe Got 6 Leads In 30 Hours!

Candace Got 19 Leads in 3 Days

Lisa Got 8 Leads By 2nd Day of Ads!

30 Days Into Using Our Facebook Ads Framework and She Has 50 Leads and 4 Clients
Mike SQUASHED Zillow and Now Enjoys Freedom Using Facebook Ads Intelligently!
Susan got 22 leads in 6 days!
Athena got 46 leads, 2 in buyer agency and 1 Buyer with a Loan app in less than a week.
Travis Followed Our System and Turned $89 of FB Ads Into $19,750 In One Month
Bobbie Had A Lead Machine Built In A Matter of Days!
Monica had HUGE Success only 8 days into her marketing with ALU
Jeff Followed The System Step By Step, Even After Facebook Made An Update To The Interface...
Jamie Got 37 Leads Out of The Gate with Agent Leads University! 
Brian Used Our Facebook Ad System To Leverage An Open House Success!
7 Clients In 7 Days!!
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